“Pete has a knack for being able to put himself in the shoes of the audience to craft an experience that makes your message connect and ring true. I’ve seen Pete coach talent and prep executives, because he can run the gamut from tactical brainstorming to creating strategy. Pete and his network are a valuable asset.”

Ben Middleton

Director, Customer & Trade Communications

"Pete Foley is, first of all, fun to be around which is no insignificant thing in a client-resource relationship. He's also full of good ideas and energy. He thinks strategically and executes aggressively. If I'm in a foxhole with only one guy to help me get out with the results I want -- on my most important project -- I'll take Pete and feel good about my chances."


Bill Bryant, Founder, Bryant Communications

Manager, Executive Communications

"It had been six years since our two Divisions held a joint National Sales Meeting and Pete played a critical role in helping us all come together. From the moment we arrived to the day we departed, Pete and his team delivered an extraordinary program. From creative to logistics and audio-visual, everything ran like clockwork. The speeches and videos were outstanding. It was our best National Sales Meeting ever!"


Jim Wetrich (former) President & GM - The Americas

"Pete, the ad copy you wrote is PERFECT. You have a true gift and have saved us!"


Susan & Mark Bremer, Realtors


"The press releases and video scripts were great!"


Ingrid Thorson, Director of Marketing

“Our new CEO referred to my speech during his speech when he was talking about the passion of the organization. He said, ‘Barbara’s speech was unbelievable.’ How’s that for a compliment! You really helped me look good, Pete. Many people told me it was my best speech yet. Thank you again for your hard work. You should be so proud of your talent!”


Barbara J. Osborne

(Former) President, Wound Care Division


"Thank you for all your help for our Scholars Banquet. The script was marvelous ... I am very grateful for your skill with words."

 Mark Davis

 President, Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation



"Pete is a consummate professional. He listens and asks good questions so that he can understand exactly what the tone and spirit of the message needs to be. I appreciate his patience working through all of the details that are needed to write a presentation that really connects with the audience."


                                                                                     Michael Abt

                                                                      CEO, Huddle House, Inc.


"I love working with Pete Foley. His creative output is not only top-notch, it's informed by a 100% commitment to his clients' business results. This makes for great work and very happy clients."


Bruce Morrow, President


"Pete is a talented writer who pays great attention to detail. He works quickly and efficiently and truly understands what the client is trying to accomplish, business-wise. He rewrote our website and did an excellent job."


Andrew Borkin, President

"Pete is a seasoned professional. His attention to detail is exceptional. He is an excellent writer and truly grasps clients' thoughts and objectives. His creative talent brings a page of copy to life but, most importantly, he cares about the project and the people involved, and is totally committed to their success."


Barbara J. Mock, President