"At a very early age, I saw myself as a writer and a bit of a storyteller [as my Mother

would confirm]. Being a believer in the notion "Thoughts become things", 

well, looking back, I guess I chose a very good thought

at a very young age when I envisioned my future."

Pete Foley



At the root of it all, Pete is a writer and communicator. Always has been.


It probably goes back to when he was an eight-year-old boy living in New England and decided he’d single-handedly produce a “newspaper” for all the kids living on Edgewood Road in Scituate, MA. After cranking out three or four handwritten copies, writer’s cramp got to him and he moved on to other great things … like riding his bike to the harbor to hang out at the lighthouse, or to pester the guys at the Coast Guard Station.


But the writing and communication bug never went away.


There were essay contests in grade school, editorship of school newspapers in high school and at The University of Georgia where Pete earned his Journalism degree; sportswriting gigs in Atlanta, West Palm Beach and Jacksonville after graduation; a year of freelance, and then a venture into the world of corporate communications that’s kept him busy for the past 30 years, writing and producing across virtually all media platforms.


He was hired by The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta one hour before Coca-Cola Classic was re-introduced to the world after the New Coke uproar (Let the games begin!) and spent the next 15 years as a Creative Director/Senior Producer. Since leaving "The Pop Shop", he has spent another 15 years on the vendor/consultant side of the fence, serving corporate clients across myriad industries. 


There have been programs and projects across America and in 31 countries and there have been many awards along the way … but the greatest reward is a happy, smiling client. True story.


No matter the project, there is always a need for exceptional writing and well-planned communication strategy. Let's create some magic together!


Pete Foley splits his time between Atlanta and Santa Rosa Beach, FL with Sharon, his wife of nearly three decades. He  has four adult children, seven grandchildren, and misses his cool dog "Newman" who used to sleep 20 hours a day [seriously.]. Pete enjoys golf, photography, reading, kayaking, sailing, University of Georgia football, Jimmy Buffett music, and all things coastal. Pete is a member in the Professional Category of the Golf Writers Association of America [GWAA)] and Board Secretary of Florida Beaches for All, a 501(c)4 non-profit with the sole mission of "preserving and perpetuating the historical doctrine of Customary Use of ALL BEACHES in Florida, and in all of Coastal America".  [www.floridabeachesforall.org]

"Thoughts Become Things ... Choose the Good Ones"